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Lavender & Rosemary Shower Steamer

Lavender & Rosemary Shower Steamer

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 Fragrance Strength


Enchant yourself with the poise and serenity of lavender and rosemary.

Infused with refreshing eucalyptus, zesty orange, crisp pine, and warm tonka bean notes, this enthralling blend evokes relaxation and rejuvenation while awakening your senses.

Indulge and embrace the magic within.

Note profile

Top: Eucalyptus, Orange, Mint
Rosemary, Lavender
Pine, Tonka Bean, Fir Balsam

One of our current shower time essentials - calm, relaxing and most importantly, it makes you look forward to every shower. Sprinkle them into a corner of the shower (not in the direct path of water) and let the essential oils work their magic while you experience the most relaxing shower ever!

Infused with essential oil blends.

No parabens

No phthalates



Directions: Sprinkle the powder in a corner of your shower (away from the direct flow of water) where it will occasionally get splashed by water. As the warm water splashes onto it, it will start to release a scent that wafts your entire shower! Wash the remaining away after you're done with your shower.


Keep dry, keep airtight.

For external use only. 

50g | 1.76 oz.



Curated deliberately with scents inspired by nature. With the waft of each scent - immerse yourself in the beauty of the botanicals from within. Serenity, peace and calmness all coalesce into one.

In line with the green of our botanicals, our packaging and ingredients are sustainable and eco-friendly with our environment in mind: 
🌿100% biodegradable FSC certified paper boxes
🌿 Recyclable and reusable tote bags
🌿 Infused with 100% natural essential oils that are sustainably and ethically sourced

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Carlyn Lim
my fave scent :)

this lavender + rosemary shower streamer smells heavenly, love to use it every morning and night! Can't stop sharing this amazing product with my friends heh

Goh Surene
Relaxing shower without bath tub

It was a gift and my friend loved it! It was so addictive that she felt something was missing if she didn’t bring it to the shower with her!

Would love if it comes in a jar.

Vanessa Claire Koh
Lavender Rosemary shower steamer

Scent is interesting as its not the usual strong lavender but tinged with a hint of rosemary. Pretty theraputic in the shower. Would be even better if it could be stronger!

Shower Steamer

Have not used a shower steamer before. This is really pleasant and relaxing.

Ashly Ko
highly recommended product & scent!

It has completely transformed our bath time, amazing scent fills the bathroom - making it so much more enjoyable and relaxing, my 2 daughters love this product too. No more boring baths to us – now, it feels like a mini spa retreat!