Collection: Room Sprays

Transform your space instantly with just a spritz

With naturally-derived scents crafted for ultimate wellness. Our room sprays infuse your home with aromatherapy blends, boosting mood, promoting relaxation, and purifying the air.

Aromatherapy in a bottle

Our natural room sprays are made with premium perfumers' alcohol (gluten-free + non-GMO) and witch hazel, imported from the US.

Perfect for any time and occasion

Crafted with intention, our room sprays cater to every mood and occasion. From calming lavender for a restful sleep to invigorating citrus for a morning boost, find the perfect scent to elevate your daily ritual.

Create a sanctuary in your own home

Escape the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary. Each spritz of our room spray invites a wave of tranquility, invigorates your senses, and elevate your own home.