Our Candles

Finest candle bodies and wood wicks from natural, organic materials

In Lynk Fragrances, we solely pull only authentic, natural and organic materials made from plant sources, giving harmless and pleasing scents that are therapeutic for health and mind. Likewise, we opted for wood wicks than metal-based ones for softer crackles, no lead and carcinogen emission, and bright and romantic lighting of 12.75 lumens.


Lynk Fragrances' signature palm crème wax

Our proprietary blend, Palm Crème Wax is ethically sourced from a member of the round table of sustainable palm (RSPO-certified), hence assuring you that our standard of palm oil production is sustainable. Our wax is guaranteed to be extra creamy while it flaunts a natural off-white colour that will surely give a hint of creaminess in the scent that envelopes the whole room.


Clean, safe, and non-toxic

Candles made by Lynk Fragrances are phthalates-free and paraben-free. We acquire from a healthy choice of natural palm waxes, effectively stopping carcinogens and toxins from being released so as not to trigger illnesses. Plus, it doesn’t emit candle soot and has minimal smoke, allowing you to smell plant-based fragrances that travel within the room. This is proven beneficial to people with respiratory diseases (e.g. asthma), pregnant women, kids, and pets. Our signature scents also soothe the mind, reduce stress, and encourage sleep for maximum comfort.

100% vegan!

Since the beginning, we stood firm to care for the animals, regardless of their use in today’s cruel industry. As promised, Lynk Fragrances and its sourced materials are not animal-derived. It is also not tested on animals.


Fresh and luxurious fragrance

Our candles are proven to have a recognizable yet distinct smell from the rest. We have sourced for natural essential oil blends, fragrances and botanicals from world-renowned fragrance houses to indulge yourself in the beauty of aromatic, blended, and royal scents.


Long burning hours

Aside from its high quality, we also want to make your every purchase worth it. Since we use Palm Crème Wax, our candles have proven longevity in terms of burning hours. It can go strong for 60 hours or more especially if it’s well-cared for, thus prolonging your relaxing and soothing experience. 

Since our signature wax and fragrances embark on quality performance, we opted for a modified stock jar instead of generic glass jars to retain stronger and fuller scent for longer burning times. Worry not about the emptying candle body because the melting pool of wax makes it appear as if it's barely consumed!


Zero-waste, eco-friendly

We thrive by being a company that treasures the environment, which brings us to the candle packaging that tackles simple and minimalist aesthetics for lesser ink usage. Our products are deemed sustainable, reusable, and recyclable thanks to our airtight bamboo lids and kraft boxes.


Locally made

Our candles are thoughtfully handpoured in small batches in Singapore.


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