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Welcome to Lynk Fragrances: Your Sanctuary of Scents

Here at Lynk Fragrances, in the heart of Singapore, we do more than just create smells; we create lasting moments that stay with you long after the candle burns out. Our collection of organic scented candles reflects our commitment to celebrating the natural beauty of our planet and bringing the world's most enchanting scents into your home.

Creating Lasting Moments, Not Just Memories

The Craft of Organic Scented Candles

Imagine a candle that does more than just burn; it transforms any room into a personal escape, a private retreat just for you. That’s the magic in each of our organic candles. Made from the best natural ingredients from the US and Europe, and carefully poured by hand in vibrant Singapore, each candle is a product of love, designed to lift your spirits, calm your soul, or simply add a touch of elegance to your space.

What Makes Lynk Special

In the busy streets of Singapore, finding peace can be rare. Lynk Fragrances captures that hard-to-find calm and puts it into our candles—your own peace havens. Made with a strong commitment to the riches of nature, our candles burn cleanly, free from harsh chemicals, giving you pure joy with every breath.

Discover a Unique Candle Shop in Singapore

A Gateway to Other Worlds

Stepping into our shop in Singapore is opening a door to countless stories. Each scent begins a story, each candle a promise of new adventures. From the crisp scent of freshly sliced citrus to the comforting blend of vanilla and musk, our collection honours every emotion and desire. Poured with care in small batches, every candle shows our dedication to quality and love.

For Every Moment, For Every Mood

Our candles come in various scents to match any occasion. Whether you’re setting a romantic mood, relaxing, or just enjoying lovely aromas, our wide range of fragrances has something for everyone. Since choosing a fragrance is personal, we’re here to help you find the perfect scent that truly represents you.

A Life Enriched by Fragrance

More Than Just Candles

At Lynk Fragrances, we aim to create a world where life is fully enjoyed and all senses are awakened. Our candles do more than just light up a room; they invite you to a lifestyle that celebrates nature's simplicity and beauty. With our candles, you embrace wellness, positivity, and a life well-lived.

Welcome to Our Family

Buying a candle from us means you’re joining our community. We value nature’s deep fragrances, uphold the highest standards of craftsmanship, and see scent as transformative. Come explore and find the fragrance that truly speaks to you in our candle boutique in Singapore.

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100,000+ & counting happy customers since 2019 ✨


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Our flagship retail store is located at:

Changi Airport Terminal 2, Departure Hall, #02-03, S(819643) [Public Area right beside the MRT escalator]

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