Green Tea & Cassis

Experience the allure of an eternal summer with our Green Tea & Cassis collection. Let the refreshing aroma of green tea, mingling with the sweet sophistication of cassis, transport you to a mesmerizing sunset. 

Our luxurious and decadent collection is more than just products; they’re an invitation to a self-care journey that takes you to palm-fringed beaches and crystal-clear waters. With them, every moment of self-care becomes a serene and sophisticated escape.


This invigorating fragrance opens with a burst of green tea. The initial scent is crisp and clean, reminiscent of freshly brewed leaves. As it settles, a wave of juicy cassis emerges, adding a touch of sweetness and a subtle tartness that evokes ripe black currants.

The heart of the fragrance blooms with white jasmine, a delicate floral note that brings a touch
of elegance and sophistication. The base of musk adds a touch of herbal earthiness,
grounding the scent and creating a well-rounded and refreshing aroma.


  • Green

    Green tea offers a distinctly earthy, verdant note. It evokes a sense of freshness, but with a touch of earthy tang that lends depth and intrigue. Imagine the crisp scent of just-steamed leaves mingling with the subtle sweetness of the brewing process. It totally helps you lean more towards tranquillity and relaxation. Think of a peaceful morning spent sipping tea in a serene garden.

  • Citrus & Clean

    Imagine a sparkling lemon intertwined with the clean scent of a lush herb garden. Verbena's citrusy brightness and its touch of herbaceous undertones leave you feeling absolutely invigorated and refreshed after every use of products infused with it. Verbena's scent is known for its uplifting and energizing properties, awakening senses and promoting optimism in well-being.

  • Burst of Sweetness

    Cassis, also known as blackcurrant, is a scent note bursting with intense, almost berry-licious aroma, evoking a sense of nostalgia and warmth. The balance between sweetness and tartness is what makes cassis so captivating; it's like a dance between jubilant sweetness and a hint of bittersweet longing. Undeniably fruity and playful, the scent of cassis fills the air with a whimsical charm, inviting memories of sun-kissed afternoons and laughter.

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Why You Would Love This Scent

A classic fruity, floral, green and musky scent made specially for Singapore as it is perfect for this summery weather.

Smells like entering a hotel lobby like Ritz Carlton. Make your home smell like an upscale condominium.

Scent Notes

Top: Green Tea, Mandarin
Middle: Cassis, White Jasmine, Verbena
Bottom: Musk, Amberwood


Light, Subtle, Airy, Fresh

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