Wooden wick VS. Cotton wick

Wooden wick VS. Cotton wick

Having candles at home is one of every home's essentials. It is not only an excellent decorative item but also provides aromatherapy, uplifts our moods, and keeps us relaxed on bad and exhausting days.

For both wicks, it is important to burn your candles until the wax has completely melted to the edges of the glass if you would like the best results. Both wick types can be burned in various ways, but the best way is to burn them all until your candles have made a complete melting circle.

Wooden wicks for candles create an authentic bonfire-like crackling sound; however, they require a great deal of care and attention. Yes! Keeping wooden Wicks in good shape takes a lot of care and maintenance, but it will be worth the effort once you become accustomed to them. On the other hand, cotton wicks are cotton strands dipped in wax and are typically less expensive and easier to maintain.

Wooden wick VS. Cotton wick (lighting and relighting)

Wood and cotton wicks ignite easily upon the first lighting; however, wooden wicks need a bit more care and time on the second and subsequent lightings, while cotton wicks are more of a grab-and-go candle.

If you trim the wick, the candle will light in 3 seconds, while wooden wicks may take up to 20 seconds to light, or it may even take 2-3 attempts as they require more time to burn through the outermost charred layers of wood.



Matches vs. Stick Lighters

Candles with wooden wick candles are nearly impossible to light with a match. When using matches on lighting your candles, there is insufficient flame and insufficient time because the fire has a short reach to the wooden wick. Even fireplace matches may not be effective. There will be so much match debris in your candle wax that it will become a fire hazard if you don't hold the flame on the wooden wick.

We recommend purchasing a Stick lighter (Link Here) if you're thinking about buying a wooden wick candle.

Cotton wicks are much easier to light using a match cause even a tiny flame is enough to light a cotton wick candle.

Outdoor and Indoor

The wooden wick and the cotton wick will both struggle in a windy environment, so we recommend lighting your candle indoors with an air conditioner. The erratic flame will consume more of your candle when you burn candles outside and create black soot and smoke.

Wooden wicks are not recommended for outdoor use since they are more easily extinguished by light wind pressure and harder to relight.

Cotton wicks can be used in an outdoor setting, but they will still struggle and burn more rapidly and irregularly.

Differences in scent throw

If you burn candles with a wooden wick, they have a very pleasing aroma throw since it helps warm the wax around the edge of the candle instead of just burning it off quickly with a tall flame.

With a horizontal flame, wooden wicks produce more heat, infusing more fragrance into your candle and giving off a more aromatic scent.

If you use cotton wick candles, a taller flame is likely to quickly burn all the fragrances from the wax. You may notice that following an intense burn or if the candle has burned longer than 4 hours at a time, subsequent burns will be less scented.

As directed on most candle warning labels, trim your wicks to 0.3-0.5cm and burn your candles in 1-2 hour increments.

Which one burns longer?

Candles with wooden wicks have a lower, smoldering flame, which will consume your candle at a slower rate and thus burn longer! Many factors are involved, including the correct wick size for the candle, whether it's burned in optimal conditions, and if the wick is trimmed correctly.

In general, candles with multiple wicks, whether wooden or cotton, burn more quickly than candles with centered wicks.

What wick is more versatile?

If you're a candle maker, cotton wicks provide so much more versatility. You can test your scent formulas. Wick size for the vessel is just mostly a matter of increasing or decreasing the size of your wick.

But if you're willing to put in more effort to test wooden wicks in your candles, they can be breathtaking with excellent ambiance, shelf appeal, and added value!


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