Top 3 Reasons to Use Poo Drops in Your Toilet

Top 3 Reasons to Use Poo Drops in Your Toilet

No one likes dealing with smelly bathrooms. Whether it’s after a meal or just daily use, bad bathroom odours can turn your fresh haven into a nightmare. But guess what? Poo drops can save the day.

These handy poo drops or poo fighters are designed to eliminate those nasty smells and keep your bathroom fresh. Let’s dive into the top three reasons why you should consider using poo drops in your toilet.


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1. Eliminate Bathroom Odours Instantly

An advantage of poo drops is their ability to remove any smell almost instantly. Can you imagine an awkward moment when someone walks in on your bathroom and it stinks? With these drops, you can prevent that.

Only a few drops of these into the toilet bowl before going number two, and it’s done. The odour is captured and removed.

How Poo Drops Work

The question remains, how do these drops do their trick? The answer: It only takes 2-3 drops to your toilet bowl. It will form a layer on the water's surface and any odour present will get trapped on this layer. Doing so will effectively prevent it from rising into the air. These drops are quick settings; therefore, they begin working as soon as they have been placed to refresh those undesirable smells.

Real-life Scenarios of Odour Elimination

Imagine having guests over and worrying about your bathroom leaving a stinky smell. With poo drops, you don’t have to stress. Many users have shared stories about how these drops saved them from embarrassing situations, mentioning phrases like “quick to activate” and “almost as good as advertised” in their reviews.


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2. Convenient and User-Friendly

Another reason to love poo drops is their convenience. They’re super easy to use and carry around, making them perfect for any deodorising situation.

Ease of Use

Using these drops can be a piece of cake. All it takes is to add 2-3 drops in the toilet bowl and flush. The accomplishment of this simple step means that nasty smells are trapped at the bottom of the bowl below the water level. To make sure you are safe from bad smells, you can perform the process one more time especially when flushing.

Packaging and Design

The poo drop comes in a package that has been well thought out to meet the needs of the customer. With its small size, the bottles can be conveniently slipped into a purse or a pocket, so you can carry the product anywhere.

So, regardless if you are at home, at the office, or on a trip, you can always have your post-poo drops with you.

Customer Reviews and Satisfaction

Fans of the poo drops cannot stop recommending others to use them. Customers stress on their utility and simplicity, such as how it is “easy to use” or “how they are extremely effective at masking odours”. Consumers appreciate that with these products they can remove odour within seconds.

3. Safe and Eco-Friendly Solution

Not only are poo drops effective, they are also safe and environmentally friendly as well. It is safe to use them since you cannot endanger yourself or the community in any way.

Non-Toxic and Safe Ingredients

These drops do not pose any danger by having toxic materials that could hurt you or your pets. You do not need to worry about using strong chemicals that would be dangerous for your family. Moreover, these poo droops only produce pleasant scents.

Environmental Impact

The use of the poo drop also benefits the planet. These poo drops are green products that are produced in a way that is friendly to the environment. It means that whenever you are using these drops, then you are already contributing a lot to the protection of the environment.

Versatility and Additional Benefits

Poo drops are multipurpose and may be used in different areas of the house.

Fresh Scent Beyond the Bathroom

Despite being designed for toilets, these drops can be fitted elsewhere in the house. For instance, in your bedroom or an en suite bathroom. They are also a perfect solution for gym bags, trash cans, and other containers where you might need an extra kick of freshness.

When to Use

Knowing when to use poo drops can make all the difference. Use them before you go to ensure odours are trapped right from the start. If you forget, you can always add a few drops after flushing to help manage any lingering smells.

How Much to Use

The quantity that a user can apply can also be up and down depending on the circumstances prevailing at that given time. The recommended daily use is to apply 2-3 drops of the formula. However, for particularly repulsive smells, you can go ahead and use two or three drops more.

Bottle Storage Tips

Keep your poo drops away from direct sunlight and heat. Do not expose them in hot settings such as under the hot sun in your car because it can change how they work. There is no better solution than having a bottle in the bathroom and another in your bag.

Why Poo Drops Are Better Than Traditional Air Fresheners

Immediate Effectiveness

Unlike other air fresheners that merely disguise the odours, poo drops trap and eliminate them. This means that you will not be having a mix of floral scent and bathroom smells or rather a pungent scent from the washroom.

Long-Lasting Results

Another great thing about poo drops is that they last longer. Once the drops form a layer on the water surface, the odours are locked in the toilet bowl after flushing. This helps the bathroom stay fresh for longer, instantly.

Eco-Friendly Alternative

Normal air fresheners use aerosols and chemicals, which can be dangerous to our environment. This makes poo toilet drops a much better alternative because they only contain safe ingredients.


Since you’ve read the advantages of investing in poo drops, you are now ready to enjoy a fresher and more welcoming bathroom. These fragrance bottles are worth the price you pay, user friendly, and have no harmful effects on your health or the health of the earth. If you have not tried any yet, then now is the right time to shop and find out what everyone is raving about.

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