The Role Of Scent In Improving Your Memory

The Role Of Scent In Improving Your Memory

It should not be surprising that memory and smell have a close relationship. People frequently claim that the sense of smell brings back memories so vividly that they feel as though they are having the event again.

How do scents make your memory stronger?

“Smell is the most potent sense and the only one having a direct neurological link to the brain. The smell receptors in the nose communicate with the same parts of the brain that store memories and regulate emotions. It also influences several physiological reactions. This is why inhaling an aroma can instantly enhance our appetite, elicit a powerful feeling, or conjure up memories of a particular person or place.”

So what scents improve memory?

Research has proven that aromatherapy can significantly promote “work wellbeing.” It can improve vigor, sharpen focus and memory, and reduce stress, all of which boost output and innovation.”

For this reason, Lynk Artisan offers a variety of fragrances that can help you focus your often distracted mind, and in addition, Lynk Artisan is a master at creating aromas that improve your memory.

You can use the following scents from Lynk Artisan to improve your memory if it’s giving you a hard time.

  1. Lavender:

The aroma of lavender is used to promote rest and relaxation. It is particularly effective in lowering the frequency of “sundowning,” which is characterized by disoriented and agitated behavior.

  1. Rose + Ylang Ylang:

The energizing properties of rose make it a useful tool for both mental and emotional stimulation.

A good night’s sleep can be encouraged and despair lessened with the aroma of ylang-ylang. This fragrance is excellent for Alzheimer’s patients as well as for people who are experiencing insomnia and restlessness.

  1. Ginger + Lemongrass:

When compared to all other plants in the globe, lemongrass contains the highest concentration of citral, the active ingredient. Citral contains both anti-tumor and antioxidant characteristics that are advantageous to the brain. Therefore, this perfume can transport memory care patients back to their childhood memories and make them feel at ease and at home is not surprising.

While ginger having potent antioxidants, lowers inflammation and guards the brain against free radicals. By enhancing the neurotransmitters in our brains that are in charge of memory, focus, and reaction time, it also enhances memory performance.

  1. Cinnamon + Clementine:

The aroma of cinnamon encourages focus and alertness. Additionally, it can enhance focus and concentration while assisting with mental weariness.

Additionally, both of cinnamon and clementine, when combined, are believed to awaken and warm the senses, elicit sentiments of joy, and lessen grogginess and irritability.

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