Insider Of Our Palm Coco Crème Wax Blend

Insider Of Our Palm Coco Crème Wax Blend

What is palm crème coco wax?

It is our house blend of virgin coconut wax from USA and a very special palm wax from Indonesia. Both waxes are melted down and then blended together and letting cool to solidify. Because of its arduous process, this is our unique selling point and we are the only indie brand that uses this blend.

The palm wax is added as an additive to increase the performance and longevity of the candle. Thus, our candles have a slightly longer burn time compared to others of similar sizes. This is a trade secret of how most luxury candles are made to have superior quality and performance. Another thing that makes us unique is that this palm wax is specially formulated for a huge fashion house (can’t be named because of NDA) Because of certain lucky connections that we have, we are able to get our hands on this liquid gold.

This is also the same reason why we have problems keeping our candles in stock, this “liquid gold” is hard to come by at times. Coconut wax and palm wax are both known for its superior quality over other waxes among the chandler circle. And together, they are unbeatable.

Isn’t palm the cause of deforestation?

Yes it is! However, we are not a huge fan of forest fires as well! But those that create forest fires are mostly illegal companies. Our supplier is a member of the RSPO (Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil) since 2004.

Established in 2004, RSPO is an international membership organisation that unites stakeholders from the key sectors of the palm oil industry to promote the growth and use of sustainable palm oil through credible global standards. Their founding members include the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Malaysian palm oil Association (MPOA), Unilever, Migros and AAK. It also have representatives in the United Kingdom, the United States, the Netherlands, China and Colombia.

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