7 Reasons Why We Love Room Sprays

7 Reasons Why We Love Room Sprays 

1. Room sprays make our homes smell great. A fresh spritz of wonderful products – such as our white tea room spray makes our home smell amazing and adds a little boost to our day.


2. Room sprays are an option, even in places that don’t allow candles. Let’s face it: although luxury scented candles are amazing products, they don’t belong everywhere. Many workplaces don’t allow them and the open flame of candles is just not safe around pets or small children. If you need to scent a room where candles aren’t allowed, a room spray is the perfect choice.


3. Room sprays are great for freshening up. No matter how carefully we clean our homes, there are times when our home needs an extra boost of scent. We may be stuck inside for days or may have made something a little smelly for dinner, but room sprays take care of it simply and quickly. Scents with citrusy notes like our white tea, ginger and lemongrass and mandarin + garden mint room spray makes the room smell much cleaner! That’s why most cleaning products use lemon or lime as their fragrance of choice. 


4. Room sprays are ultra portable. Tuck a small bottle into your purse when you travel or commute, and you can always add a burst of fragrance wherever you go. Also, spritzing the same scent that you use daily in our homes at hotels will give you a touch of homeliness.


5. Room sprays are effortless. Even the finest candles require lighting and trimming the wick. Plus, you have to remember to blow out your candles each time you leave your home. Sprays are simple – you just pump a spritz of fragrance into the air and forget about it. And most importantly, they are instant! Expecting guests to your home? A few spritz just before they arrive and you’re ready to host! 


6. Room sprays are your best friend for that instant spritz of goodness at home and, especially during workout sessions at the gym, after yoga, after cooking, or after using the toilet! 


7. Room sprays can complement your favorite home fragrances. We love layering fragrances on our bodies – scented lotions, powders, and other products complement my perfume. Room sprays allow us to layer fragrances at home. Eg. matching white birch room spray to a himalayan bamboo candle. This creates a unique and even richer home fragrance that lasts. Try out different combinations and let us know on IG what are your favorite scents! 


Lynk Artisan’s room sprays are made from the highest quality ingredients such as premium perfumers alcohol with the perfect essential oil blend. Curated specially for the benefit of your wellness, and the safety of your loved ones. Also, to preserve the essence of the essential oils, the room sprays are sealed in bottles made from dark glass to protect from sunlight. With their deodorizing agent, your bad bacteria catching fabrics such as the bathroom towel can now have an aroma filled soldier that will help kill the unwanted germs.

With an amazing myriad of scents such as lavender, ginger and lemongrass, himalayan bamboo, white tea, white birch, mandarin and garden mint, and rose and ylang-ylang. Lynk Artisan aspires to deliver you the gift of comfort, a sense of safety, and most importantly, the amazing scent enhancing the vibes of your beautiful home. Check out our range of amazing room sprays here.

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