6 Essential Candle Moments to Include in Your Daily Routine

6 Essential Candle Moments to Include in Your Daily Routine

Candles once served only one purpose—to give light to the darkness of nights and undergrounds. Nowadays, it evolved to something more... something closer to poetry and metaphors—almost a luxury. The simple light that helped the sense of sight for thousands of years, is now a companion to our sense of smell that transforms all the other senses, including those most subtle ones.

  1. Early mornings with mints and coffees

    - After a jog around the neighborhood, your body is almost ready to face the day. Almost. We know it’s never complete without that energy boost from a hot beverage—either coffee or tea. Before sitting down to your favorite spot, why not light up a candle to get that early sift of peace and calm? A fragrant morning is like a reboot, conditioning your mind to have a positive vibe all day. Lynk Fragrances recommends our Mandarin and Garden Mint Candle. The incorporation of these two refreshing scents is perfect to start the day!

  1. Afternoon breaks and books

    - The day seems to be ending soon, but not quite yet, so you need a break. Just a short time to escape your hectic reality. You picked your favorite book... wait! Before you get lost in another world let’s make it more real by including your sense of smell in the experience. Light up this White Birch Candle by Lynk Fragrances to give additional flavor to the words you read. 

  1. With that one last hoorah

    - So... Back to work? Your mind is like a ticking bomb at this moment. Trying to race with time to finish the deadlines, yet secretly beaming with joy because the day is almost over. These conflicting emotions can be frustrating at times. This is another good excuse to light up that flaming perfume! The comforting smell of White Tea will help break that tension forming in your mind. Lynk Fragrances formulated their candles to offer a haven-like comfort especially in times you need it most.

  1. Dinner and red wines

    - The fanciest meal of the day has come. As you sip through that red wine, wouldn’t it be more fitting if the scent of Rose and Ylang-ylang is also playing in the background? Aside from a piece of soothing music, the luxurious smell of candles will transform your vanilla dinner into a Michelin-worthy dining experience!

  1. A bath to forget and remember

    - Taking a bath after a long, tedious day is a must! It’s time to get rid of those impurities you caught during the day. Forget the useless negative bad vibes. Most importantly, remember that you work hard to have moments like this more rewarding. To double the reward, level it up by mixing in the comforting aroma of Ginger and Lemongrass Candle to the prize. The spaces will instantly feel like a dream!

  1. Into the clouds you go

    - Finally! You can end the day and embrace the comfort of your bed. With the added scent of candles, especially Himalayan Bamboo Candles from Lynk Fragrances, you can calmly enter the realm of dreams— ending the chapter to start a new one tomorrow. 

There are plenty of ways to include scented candles in our daily lives. Sometimes, we just need to invent creative new excuses to justify using them. Don’t worry. We won’t judge you if you find a way to use them every minute of the day. We’re on the same team! We, at Lynk Fragrances, created our products with your special moments in mind. We crave to be part of your daily stories! Check out our full range of candles here

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