7 Best Scented Hand Sanitisers: Go Germ-Free with Body Care

Hand sanitisers have become a norm and a part of our daily life since the pandemic has made us change our behaviours towards becoming much more hygienic. However, who’s saying that being germ-free cannot be fun? Enter scented hand sanitisers.

This innovative product serves the purpose of keeping your hands clean, while adding in fragrance and could even be used for keeping your hands moisturised. Let’s take a closer look at the seven best hand sanitisers to have nearby whether it’s at home, at work, or in your car.

Why Scented Hand Sanitisers Are a Must-Have for Body Care

For starters, let’s consider why it would be a good idea to use scented sanitiser instead of normal sanitisers. Regular hand sanitisers are effective in cleaning the hands, however, with a good scent, the whole process is better. This is a nice little way of giving your hands a mini spa treatment. Products may include extra qualities such as moisturisers to avoid making the skin dry – a usual side effect of regular hand sanitisers.

Scented hand sanitisers are also better because they offer convenience and added richness at the same time. It’s not just focused on keeping your hands clean, but also on the experience of enjoying the kind of scent that can make you happy, relaxed or even more energetic. Additionally, with ingredients such as aloe, vitamin E, and others, these hand sanitisers do not leave your skin feeling dry.

Top 7 Scented Hand Sanitisers

1. Evenings At The Westin (White Tea)

Evenings At The Westin Hand Sanitiser

Thanks to Evenings At The Westin hand sanitiser, you can enjoy a laid-back atmosphere leaving you with a perfect ambiance for unwinding. This scented hand sanitiser will leave your hands not only germ-free but also keep them hydrated, leaving your skin soft and fresh every time you use it.

Plus, its apparent non-stick formula is a great deal, making the product really enjoyable to use.

2. Solace Under The Moonlight (White Sage + Lavender)

Solace Under The Moonlight Hand Sanitiser

Solace Under The Moonlight is more gentle, mainly with white sage and lavender scents, so it is perfect for night use. This scented hand sanitiser is more than just effective in keeping your hands clean; it has an added refreshing scent, with a calming effect on your senses.

The features of the hydrating formula are aloe and the use of essential oils to make the skin smooth and soft. It is a great bedtime companion that prepares you for a good night’s sleep.

3. Under D'Anjou Pear Tree

Under D'Anjou Pear Tree Hand Sanitiser

If you fancy fragrances that are sweet and fruity, then Under D’Anjou Pear Tree is the hand sanitiser for you. It is perfectly suitable to use during spring/summer afternoons and it cleans the hands just fine.

The lustrous ingredients for moisture-replenishing will keep skin smooth and moist even with regular washing. For anyone who wants to protect their hands from dirt, especially when it comes to the smell, this should be their go-to.

4. California Mornings (Mandarin + Garden Mint)

California Mornings Hand Sanitiser

Start your day with a burst of energy with California Mornings hand sanitiser. It has a very bright and fresh aroma of mandarin with undertones of garden mint that can help start the day off on the right foot. This sanitiser not only kills 99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses but also gives an effective fragrance as well that stays for a long time.

This scented hand sanitiser also has moisturisers such as aloe and vitamin E that will help open up your senses as your hands are washed and stay refreshed.

5. Golden Hour in Paris (Rose + Ylang Ylang)

Golden Hour in Paris Hand Sanitiser

If you want your hands to smell romantic, you should go for Golden Hour in Paris which has a soothing scent of rose and ylang-ylang. This hand sanitiser is particularly designed for those who like to use fragrances that contain floral scents and who want to include some sophistication in their hand sanitising process.

Whether you’re at a romantic dinner or just want to feel a bit more sophisticated, this sanitiser is a great choice.

6. Sinus Relief Hand Sanitiser

Sinus Relief Hand Sanitiser

Feeling stuffy? Get ready to meet Sinus Relief hand sanitiser and its fresh minty eucalyptus smell! Not only can it remove germs but it also comes with a nice smell that may unblock your sinuses.

It’s the perfect scent that you can have when you just want something light or when you are down with the flu. The moisturising formula means that your hands will always be supple, and it can be an excellent option to have for hand treatments.

7. Cocktails in Maldives (Grapefruit + Mint)

Cocktails in Maldives Hand Sanitiser

Do you want to travel to the tropics and have some cocktails? Try Cocktails in Maldives. The fresh scent of grapefruit and mint are combined in this solution for a combination that is invigorating and unique, which will be great for a day out.

This hand sanitiser is effective for purging all sorts of germs, keeping you secure from sickness such as the common flu. The smell will remind you of exotic locations.

The Perfect Gift: Thoughtful Hand Sanitiser Gift Sets

Want to find a most appropriate and matching gift that is also practical and lovely? As one of the personal care gifts, it will be wise to offer a scented hand sanitiser gift pack. It is common to find these sets as a miniature set including two hand sanitisers, small enough to fit into the pocket or glove compartment. They are packed in an organza bag with a gift card which makes it special for that special day or just for a gift.

Gift sets consider the aspect of health and well being of the recipient of the gift set. It is a gift that not only shields but also inspires, providing soothing fragrances to help you refresh and feel better at the same time.


Scented hand sanitisers go beyond keeping your hands clean—they’re an integral part of your body care routine. With delightful fragrances and added benefits, these products make staying germ-free a pleasant experience. No matter what you love, whether it’s floral, fruity, or a refreshing smell, our hand sanitisers are perfectly tailored to meet the needs of everyone.

Indulge yourself with one of these top-rated scented hand sanitisers and turn a routine of washing your hands.

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