5 Scented Candle Hacks to Enhance Your Home's Ambiance

5 Scented Candle Hacks to Enhance Your Home's Ambiance

Are you looking for a change in the ambience of your home but do not want to spend a fortune? Good news for you. Scented candles are maybe one of the most basic and also one of the most effective ways of altering the look of your house.

Not only do they have such a great smell, but they also help to make a particular space much warmer and more inviting. Here are five incredible tips that will help you in getting the best out of your scented candles!

1. Create a Cosy Corner with the Right Candle

Starting with our first candle on the list, let us discuss which type of scented candle is suitable for our homecoming. Essentially, it is important to identify the appropriate flavour and atmosphere that fits within the environment and creates a particular mood. Whether you desire to have the feel of a quiet and serene ambience for reading in the dawning of the evening or a dancing and popping atmosphere for food preparation in the morning, there is a candle that suits your needs.

Lavender & Rosemary Scented Candle

Here, when you want to choose a scented candle, you must consider the following points: If you’re looking for a comfortable and serene atmosphere, then, you should never underestimate the power of aromatherapy; perhaps lavender, vanilla or sandalwood. Amazingly, such delicious warm scents may be used in any house room and turn it into a quiet sanctuary. It is as simple as placing your candle on a small table or shelf and putting a comfy chair next to it to create the ultimate relaxation corner where you can read a book or even sip tea in the evening.

2. Transform Your Shower Experience Using Candles from Bath

A bath is a wonderful way to relax after a busy day, and there is nothing like a luxurious bath. What could make this experience even better than adding some candles from the famous Lynk Scents store? These candles are meant to transform your bath experience from ordinary to luxury.

Geranium & Eucalyptus Scented Candle

To enhance this, light a couple of candles around your bath or use scented candles with eucalyptus, peppermint or chamomile scents. The warm lights from candles and pleasant smells will make customers feel like they are in a luxurious home. Do not forget to include a bath bomb for some extra pampering!

3. Enhance Your Bedroom Ambiance with Scents

Your bedroom is a personal space where you retire, to unwind and take a break after a busy day. Here, the use of scented candles will assist in giving warmth and encourage sleep among the patients. Some essential oils such as lavender, magnolia, and jasmine are rightly considered to have calming effects and this will help you sleep better at night.

Magnolia & Peony Scented Candle

Insert candles on the nightstand or the dresser, but remember to keep all the candles in a non-flammable subsection of the room, far from curtains or bed sheets. Not only do you get the fresh smell in your room, but dim candlelight will also make your room look romantic and calm. Also, it creates an environment that allows one to relax after a working day and prepare for sleep.

4. Feature Candles as Decorative Accessories

Scented candles are not only products with a nice smell; they can also be lovely and elegant home interior decoration items. Select candles with appealing casings that suit the theme of your room and your personality. From a modern and clean white tea light candle to the rustic mason jar candle or the crystals candle holder, the proper candle can be an elegant centrepiece.

This type of display may be positioned on a coffee table, a mantle, or a bookshelf. Combine the flower sizes and shapes and vary the colours and scents of the flowers to make a beautiful design. Candles that are customised or come with a box can also be useful if you have friends over especially when you want to start a conversation with them. They also come up as amazing products for gifting as well!

5. Utilise Scented Candles for Mood Enhancement

Different scents are likely to affect our mood and general well-being differently. For instance, ylang ylang which belongs to the flowers group can ease the mood and make people more relaxed, and lemon, which is in the citrus group, is perfect for giving people bursts of energy.

If you are planning to entertain your guests with dinner, warm scents like cinnamon or vanilla are perfect for making the atmosphere more welcoming. If you need something to read before you go to sleep, take a warm bubble bath, or turn on some soothing music such as the one with chamomile or eucalyptus scent. Also, if you need something to perk up your spirits, a citrus scent such as from a candle will be helpful to you.

Golden Hour in Paris Candle

Seasonal Collections and Where to Shop

A plus of scented candles is that it is available in a lot of choices in scent. Make sure that one changes the candles after some time, the best time is after every season to add flavour to your home. There is nothing like floral scents in spring-summer, or fresh, citrusy notes for such seasons. While for autumn-winter one would prefer warm, spicy notes for sure.

You can find a variety of individual periods of the year at retail outlets such as our Lynk Scents which sells some of the best scented candles in the world. Our candles are scented and coupled with the fact that they burn for quite a while, you are assured knowing that your house will smell good for a long time.

Practical Tips for Candle Care

For the best performance from your scented candles, proper care is vital. Here are several practical tips to help you with making your candles longer endurable and achieve a more uniform burn.

Trim the Wick

Remember, before burning the candle, it is necessary to cut the wick to a suitable length (approximately ¼ inch). This is to reduce excess soot formation and for better combustion of fuel with little smoke formation.

Burn Evenly

Ensure that your candle remains lit for long enough to melt the whole surface of the candle. This keeps the flame from burning through the wax and provides the maximum return on your candle.

Keep Away from Drafts

It is advisable to put your candle in an area with little to no air circulation to avoid the problem of smoking and heavy sooting of the walls of the candle.

Use a Candle Snuffer

To put off your candles in a safe manner always use the snuffer and not your breath. This removes smoke and also helps retain the aroma.

Final Thoughts

Scented candles may be considered simplistic but they offer a great way of improving the light ambience in the house. Whether you wish to have a warm nook that will give you a warm feeling while reading simply have an ambience to take a bath, or perhaps have a candle for every kind of event that is in store, there is always a candle out there for every purpose.

When it comes to picking the scent as well as the style, it is not difficult to find a specific candle that you would want to own and display anywhere at home. And so the next time you feel the need to transform your atmosphere, just grab a scented candle and let the effect of the aroma speak for it. Happy candlelighting!

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