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Best of Sample Scent Set of 2022

Best of Sample Scent Set of 2022

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Expand your scent palette with us! 

Hey there! Are you thinking about trying out other fragrances from us?

However, to commit to a new full-sized fragrance product will be too risky for you?

Introducing our new sample test sets! Where we collate all of our best scents as of 2022 for you to try! 


Includes (From left to right):

White Tea

Himalayan Bamboo

White Birch

Ginger + Lemongrass

 White sage + Lavender

Grapefruit + Mint

Palo Santo + Myrrh

Kakadu Plum

Mandarin + Garden Mint

Rose + Ylang Ylang

Lily Of The Valley

Shimizu White Peach

Mango + Coconut

Green Tea + Lemongrass

Lavender + Sandalwood

Lavender + White Tea

Lavender + White Sage


With this, you will be able to try all of our scents before deciding whether to buy the full-size item from us!

Each individual scent will be carefully packaged in little salt bags by our lovely packers for you to enjoy!

These scented salts can be used on top of your candle wax burners or you can simply enjoy the scent in the bag as it is~

Buy it together with your next/ new purchase from us to enjoy free shipping!

Less hassle, more convenient & zero commitment!


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